WhatsApp Two-factor Authentication for security

Two factor authentication also known as 2FA, is a security measure developed to
add an extra layer of protection used to ensure that the security of accounts domiciled online
are more than just the normal usernames and passwords for integrity of accounts. This
security method helps to authenticate the true identity of users by using a combination of two
factors. Either 1) something they know, 2) something they have or 3) something they are.
WhatsApp, considering the security of its user’s information, incorporated this type of
security measure in its messaging platform to ensure that hackers do not gain access to
private chats of individuals. This mitigates a recent type of hack where individuals phone
numbers are hijacked thereby giving the hacker free access to your private messages.
This verification process on WhatsApp prevents the stealing and usage of others
accounts to impersonate them. The 2FA sets up a six-digit verification passcode and an
option of a backup email address in case you forget your passcode so that it can be reset
and to safeguard your account. With the 2FA enabled, resetting a WhatsApp account
requires access to the phone number and the six-digit verification passcode.
● To enable the two factor authentication on WhatsApp on your android device, lunch
the installed application on your smartphone and select the three dots at the top right
hand corner.

And navigate to setting>accounts>two-step verification>enable

Then follow the prompt to enable 2FA on WhatsApp
● For iPhone users you select settings at the bottom left of the app

Navigate to accounts>two-step verification>enable. then follow the prompt to enable

When you want to setup your WhatsApp on a new device, a prompt will ask for the
six-digit passcode to validate your identity. At various intervals, WhatsApp asks for the pass
code to be entered when the application is launched and this is to help you remember the
passcode you setup.
Note: For addition safeguard, your WhatsApp account will not be verifiable within seven
days of using the 2FA without the six-digit passcode (i.e. if you do not select a recovery
email, you will not be able to verify your account within seven days). And after the seven
days elapses, you will then be granted access to your account even without a code but all
your messages will be deleted.

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