WhatsApp: Hits 5 Billion Installs on Play Store

Over a decade of being on Android and Play Store, there has been only two non-google applications to hit the legendary 5 billion install mark. The third party application hit that mark which only a few google pre-installed application have hit.
The global popularity of whatsApp probably comes as no surprise as it follows its new parent company, Facebook which hit the 5 billion install mark last year as reported by Android police. Although whatsApp is not a perfect social messenger platform, its ease of use and cross-platform features synchronizes with your contact list on your phone to make the sign-up process stress free.
It is no surprise that the application reach the download figure on Google Play Store as whatsApp can boast of having over a billion active users on a daily basis. This 5 billion figure also includes the pre-installed versions on various mobile smartphones such as Samsung and Huawei. But huawei stopped pre installing the multimedia messaging application on their smartphones due to recent US-China trade issues which lead to its blacklisting.
This US-China issues further increased the portion of the 5 billion download figure but this does not account for all downloads. It also comes as a surprise that this figure has taken so long to achieve on android.
Such install rate does not give whatsApp the award for best messaging platform as there are many other alternatives, but for some strange reason, whatsApp still remains the most popular and will likely remain so for a long time.

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