The New Apple Watch lineup this 2022 looks promising

The New Apple Watch lineup launched by Apple this year actually look like they have some promise.

The New Apple Watch lineup
The picture shows the 3 Apple Watch devices released. From the left, the Series 8, SE, and Ultra.

With the Series 8, SE, and Ultra coming this year, I personally think I’m finally liking the direction Smart Watches are going.

So you have an excellent smart wristwatch that does tons of things for you. The New Apple Watch can read your heart rate, and blood oxygen, detect when you are in a crash, and call your previously set emergency number or even operator emergency numbers.

It can also know when something isn’t right with you. Say your heart stops or you get a stroke or something that renders you, the wearer of the gear, in need of emergency services.

That’s pretty cool.

Now, more features have been added to the Apple Watch. With a secondary heat sensor and improved placement, they claim it can ‘more accurately’ aid females track their ovulation better.

  • The New Apple Watch temperature sensor 2
  • The New Apple Watch heat signature scan of the human body
  • Fitness Tracker app on iPhone
  • Notification alert on Apple Watch
  • The New Apple Watch tracker app on iPhone
  • Fitness Tracker app settings screen on iPhone

If you have an Idea about women and ovulation, you would know this is quite the upgrade and I feel this particular feature will encourage women to own one. Pretty good move in my opinion.

Other available features

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