Some iPhone users should have updated their phones by now or loose 4G and WiFi internet access

Apple ensured they warned iPhone 5 and below users that an update was important and they rush losing access to key online features.

These features include email, web browsing, app store and iCloud. November 3 was the deadline. So if you didn’t update yours, you are in quite a trouble.

Your GPS technology needs to watch closely on the time and date. To do so, it counts and stores the number of weeks as a 10 bit value on its hardware. So after 20 years, that 10 bit week number defaults back to zero, causing issues for older devices that haven’t been designed to handle such a change.

The latest 20-year rollover happened earlier this year on the 6th of April, 2019. So if you have already bought a newer handset, you won’t notice the change or switch.

But older handsets like the iPhone 5 that don’t recieve regular updates from Apple will struggle with this challenge. So if you don’t get the specially lunched iOS update you might have a problem. However, if you have at least update iOS 10.3.4, then you good.

Well what if you don’t update on time? So expect you device to be drastically affected. Not for just the iPhone 5 though but other 4th generation iPads, a they are expected to loose GPS functionality.

According to the company, Apple, it released figures stating that about 9 percent of all iOS devices are running iOS 12. So it’s unlikely there will be a huge number cut off from the internet. But it’s kinda weird that a company like Apple will issue such a warning as stern as this, to users that they should quickly update their software or loose access to key features and services.

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