Sale of .org web domain blocked because it did not feel right

Sale of .org web domain blocked because it did not feel right with some sectors and a few concerned people.

It was gathered that the .org web domain which is managed by the Public Internet Registry ( PIR ) sold the .org domain to a private firm Ethos Capital for a fee around 1 billion USD. The same of .org however raised concerns in some quarters. Some critics warned and raised alarms that it could cost non-profit organisations and charities a lot since the new owner will now wan to make a profit from the sale of the domain name. So in a swift move, the PIR has blocked the sale and the group pushing for the block see that as a stunning victory to NGOs.

“Icann today roundly rejected Ethos Capital’s plan to transform the .org domain registry into a heavily indebted for-profit entity. This is an important victory that recognises the registry’s long legacy as a mission-based, not-for-profit entity protecting the interests of thousands of organisations and the people they serve,” it said in a statement.

Post credit: BBC

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