Published Homify iOS app. Developed and designed by me.

Developed and just published Homify iOS app. I must say it was an amazing experience. I got really into working with tons of pods and dependencies.

I even got so scared it would not successfully build. But hey, it did. After over 3000 tasks, it did build. Also got into a few other issues along the way. Issues like Header include errors, Bitcode inclusion in build errors, and even Mach-O header errors.

Only a Swift or basically an iOS developer will understand. But after all the challenges, I finally published Homify iOS app. Will be updating the Android version soon.

PS5 remote play app seen on my PS4 console

Well, I must say It was a good feeling generally and developing the Homify app was amazing. So I can now move on to other things.

You can check out the app on the App store by clicking here.

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