PS5 remote play app seen on my PS4 console

PS5 remote play app

Just saw the PS5 remote play app on my console’s menu and wondered if its a good idea to sell my PS4? A resounding NO bruv!

Why? Well….I love video games and I move around Abuja a lot. So I thought about going into the cloud gaming sphere and yea….it has been good from the go.

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So Let’s say I get a PS5. Now, I want to go upstairs or go to another room asides from the sitting room where my console will most likely reside.

PS5 remote play app

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Do I keep carrying my console around the house? No.

With the PS5 remote play app, I can simply stream my PS5 games on my PS4 console with little or no hassle.

So for some of you or all of you who plan on getting the PS5 console, please do not do-away with your PS4 console yet. There is still a really good need for it.

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