PS Plus Could Be Getting More Expensive versions or plans but with Extra Perks

PS Plus Could Be Getting More Expensive Version With Extra Perks

A new report reveals that Sony could be planning to offer consumers a more expensive version of PlayStation Plus with added perks.

Crunchyroll was just acquired by Sony for a whopping $1.2 billion, with the goal to creating a unified anime streaming service.

That aside, it seems as though Sony may soon be offering a more expensive tier of PS Plus that would potentially come with benefits tied to the Crunchyroll acquisition.

Image showing PlayStation plus games for August.

This was reported by Eurogamer, who has claimed to have heard that there are “plans to potentially offer Crunchyroll as part of a more expensive premium PlayStation Plus offering.” Who saw that coming?

All of this is just speculation at this time or this article.

As previously stated, the only bonus service mentioned by Eurogamer is Crunchyroll, and Sony itself has not actually said anything about a higher-tier PS Plus subscription option.

But you can click here to read more about this on Gamerant.

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