PC performance improvement | Keep your PC temperature cool

PC performance improvement is one topic that has been on since PCs came into existence. How can you improve PC performance through temperature reduction?

One secret to better performance is a low-temperature personal computer.

Our computers generate lots of heat and the vents that allow for hot air to go out get clogged with time.

Components like our PC processors generate heat.

RAMs generate heat, Powerpacks generate heat.

Even hard disks too do generate heat.

Dust particles, feathers, cotton, and even more gets all up in there. These parts need to be cleaned sometimes.

If not, it indirectly affects PC performance.


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So building up to the time you want to clean up the vents on your PC, here are some things you can do to help your computer maintain a good working temperature.

  • If you have a table or workstation, do not allow your work station to be clogged with objects that will hinder airflow around your PC.
  • Do not use your laptop on the bed or chair without it being elevated a little. Some vents are just beneath the screen, some beside it. But the general knowledge is that bed and some chair materials encourage heat build-up and that’s not good for your PC.
  • If you have an air-conditioned room, always use that room to work as this tends to help your PC cool down. Sometimes a fan can help. But the direction it blows air is important. Let there be a vent or an outward flow of air around your PC.

Being a new programmer, you should know these things

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