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New programmer? You should know these 3 things

Want to become a new programmer in the year 2020? Here are a few things you should know going into this field. Number 2 will surprise you.

I have been into programming for over 7 years now and there are quite a number of things I wish I did not do when I started. It can be difficult making some decisions though, but not impossible.

A good example is choosing the programming language to learn. Some of us just want to learn all. I always advise against that. Better you pick one and master it.

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So, I just thought of 3 things a new programmer in the year 2020 should know. These points are my personal opinions and from my personal experience as a programmer.

new programmer

3 things a new programmer should know are:

  • It is ok to ask for help

Learning programming on my own made me use a lot of time trying to figure things out all by myself. I did not know I can simply ask someone else for the help of check forum websites. Now there are even more forum websites and people who are more advanced in whatever language you want to learn. One of my favorites is Stack Overflow

  • Someone out there will pay you

Whatever the programming language you learn these days, there is a need for people with the knowledge out there; you just do not know yet. So do not let your confidence drop. Learn that programming language and improve on it. There is a need out there and ensure you apply for roles outside your comfort zone.

  • It is fine taking the quick and easy route.

As a programmer, we work in a discipline where technical skill is rewarded, and the ability to overcome it is admired.

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This also means you can cut corners and do things the easy way. I always say no need to reinvent the wheel since its working. Someone out there probably has a working source code or a coed snippet that does exactly what you want or gets you closer yo achieving your goal. Why not just copy the code and use it. Yea, I encourage that and I think it is fine.

I hope this insight has been useful. If anyone has any pieces of wisdom they wish they’d known as a beginner developer, I’d love to read them in the comments.

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