MacBook Pro Touch Bar is finally useful

MacBook Pro Touch Bar is finally useful

MacBook Pro Touch Bar is finally useful when you install Windows on it.

The introduction of a touch display on MacBooks and some other laptops is revolutionary and just because some see its use or need, they believe it’s complicating things.

But hey, turns out its usefulness is now at the forefront. That’s when you install Windows 10 thoughūüôĄ.

A developer ( @imbushuo ) has managed to make the Windows 10 taskbar appear on the MacBook Touch Bar making it way easy for users to switch through apps almost instantly.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar is finally useful

For users who want to get this on their MacBook pro, just installing Windows 10 won’t do it. There is a kernel driver you need to install before things start to work.

The Force Touch Trackpad is stupidly huge on the new MacBook Pros.

Being able to click¬†through¬†something as you can in macOS understandably doesn’t work in Windows 10 (there’s no function for it to perform anyway), but the solid-state trackpad does “click” as expected through its “taptic engine”.

While not the best out-of-the-box experience on Windows, Apple still does make very good trackpads that feel great. I’d still recommend installing something¬†Trackpad++¬†to bring back gesture support and more configuration options.

Overall, the trackpad experience with a MacBook Pro is shockingly still better than some PCs, but far behind something like Microsoft’s optimized Surface Book.

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When you do, you will find out I was right all along. The MacBook Pro Touch Bar is finally useful on the Macbook Pro.

Of course, I would never advise you buy a MacBook Pro just to use Windows 10. Something like the HP Spectre x360, Dell XPS 13, or a Surface in most cases is significantly cheaper, come with a better selection of ports, have nicer displays, and offer neat things like facial recognition or flip to become tablets.

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