Ads: Identity verification now required to run ads on Google.

Ads on Google ads will need identity verification ow because today, Google made an announcement that they will require documentation from any user who wants to run ads. This documentation will have to carry the user’s identity and geographic location.

This new policy is tied to their policy in the year 2018 mandating political adverts to provide identification for verification.

What Advertisers will need to provide:

  • Personal identification methods.
  • Business incorporation documents.
  • Possibly other items to verify who they are operating geography.

For User Experience in Ads, what should we expect to change?

When this change rollout, visitors and users will start to see disclosures about the identity of the advertiser. You will see it under the ‘Why this Ad?’ section or option.

The information will include Advertiser name, country location, and a toggle option to stop receiving ads from them.

Breaking: Google Ads to Require Identity Verification

I will continue to follow this development as it unfolds.

Today‚Äôs announcement can be found here, with further information on the program here.

Story Credit: Search engine journal

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