A hacker showing as Hackers attack victim twice

Hackers attack victim twice and victims paid ransom twice

Hackers attack victim twice. Companies like this show how they fall foul of ransomware and should concentrate on finding how it happened before anything else – or they could fall victim again.

A hacker showing as Hackers attack victim twice

They fell victim to a ransomware attack and paid cyber criminals millions for the decryption key to restore their network.

Under two weeks later after failing to examine why the attack was able to happen in the first place, they fell victim to the exact same ransomware gang.

After the first attack, they fell victim again. This is because the company just left it at that, failing to analyse how cyber criminals infiltrated the network

You can imagine it’s something that came back to haunt them when the same ransomware gang infected the network with the same ransomware less than two weeks later.

The company ended up paying a ransom a second time

And as the NCSC notes, falling victim to a ransomware attack will often lead to an extended period of disruption before operations resemble anything normal. In this example, it shows hackers attack victim twice and they fell for it again.

“Recovering from a ransomware incident is rarely a speedy process. The investigation, system rebuild and data recovery often involves weeks of work,” said the post.

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The best way to avoid any of this is to ensure your network is secure against cyberattacks in the first place by doing things like making sure operating systems and security patches are up to date and applying multi-factor authentication across the network.

It’s also recommended that organisations regularly backup their networks – and store those backups offline – so in the event of a successful ransomware attack, the network can be restored with the least disruption possible.

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