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Google Mobile Ads now readily available for Flutter mobile apps

Google mobile ads are advertisements that pop up when you are visiting a website or using a mobile app on your phone. So developers ad this feature to generate money for free services.

Developing Flutter apps and implementing the Google mobile ads feature has been limited to unstable releases when it came to flutter apps.

The SDK is offered for Android through Google Play services.

The SDK does support devices that don’t have Google Play, but the library cannot automatically update itself the way it does on devices with Google Play. To update such devices, you must manually update the Google Play services SDK in your app.

Your use of the Google Mobile Ads SDK is governed by the Google Developers Site Terms of Service.

Up until now, the SDK has been available for public BETA. That has changed now as it is now readily available for everyone to use.

As said on the xda-developers website:

“Today, we are excited to announce the Google Mobile Ads SDK for Flutter is now generally available, after a six month beta period. This means we’re ready for the most demanding Flutter apps to show in-app ads in production,”

Google’s announcement

Now,  the advertisements can be set up and managed using Google AdMob and Google Ad manager.

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Click here to read more about this store on XDA Developers’ website

For more information about this SDK can be found on the Dart packages repository.

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