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Craft cms: Learn about this CMS and more about it

Let’ learn about craft cms a little. Craft cms is a general-purpose content management system. It is developed and maintained by Pixel Tonic and is mainly used for Websites and content APIs.

Personal blogs and websites where branding is very important should stay away from using this CMS.

What’s the big deal with this CMS? Read about it on

Same thing goes for really big enterprises and organizations that need enterprise level features and web applications should also stay away from it too.

If you however want to have a really good author experience, you should get on the train. It has a clean slate for content models and more. This is probably why most website developers and designers use it.

As at Tuesday, 12th January, 2021 I was in need of someone who is good with craft CMS. Check if it’s still available here.

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