Samsung 2TB 860 QVO 


The 1TB drive held a sweet spot in the minds of its users as far as solid state drives are concerned with its cheapest usually available at around $80. But where there is a need for more capacity, it’s worthwhile to have a look at the 2TB drive.

With prices falling rapidly as models from samsung, Micron, Gloway, Crucial, and Team group can be bought for under $200 on Newegg. Samsung by far the most popular vendor among them all, but it’s 860 QVO drive is based on QLC technology which raises eyebrows 

The samsung 2TB 860 QVO drive could be bought for $199.95 at Newegg which is a great deal for those seeking for affordable capacity with great performance and endurance. Only a handful of manufacturers produce its own chip such as samsung and can boast of delivering better value for money and the samsung 2TB 860 QVO is the cheapest option per TB.

The technology used on samsungs 2TB SSD drive, QLC, tends to lower its endurance and performance, especially when the drive starts to get filled to capacity. The QLC-based SSD usually has a shorter warranty (the samsung 860 QVO has 3-year warranty) compared to similar products with a different technology at the same price such as TLC.

On paper, the 860 QVO can boast of being faster than Solid State Drives from Micron and Curial in sequential and random read and write speeds.It offers a written warranty of 720TB (meaning the drive can be written and rewritten 360 times over).

Samsung counters some issues with the QLC technology with a feature called Intelligent TurboWrite which speeds up the writing process and maintains high performance for longer periods with larger variable buffer.

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