Chromium-based broswers at risk

Chromium-based browsers are at risk: Update now to avoid being a victim

Chromium-based browsers are at risk this week as an exploit threatened their safety.

Chromium-based browsers are at risk. So if you are one of those slobs of a user that rarely updates their apps due to reasons best known to you, I think you should have a rethink.

A browser is software that you use to surf the internet. The internet, though cool, has its risks and yes, exploits. People online tend to look for loopholes a.k.a. exploits to hack your PC or mobile phone.

Well good news is software developers learn of these exploits and create updated versions of their software to fix those loopholes.

So if you do not update, you will still have holes in your PC and Mobile phone.

This is exactly why Chromium-based browsers are at risk.

That said, the Agarwal’s exploit revealed by Rajvardhan Agarwal, himself revealed on Twitter (April 12) posted an image of a locally housed web page “popping a calculator,” i.e. demonstrating remote control of a PC by launching the calculator app.

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Agarwal linked to a GitHub page from which you can download a proof-of-concept exploit — a benign hack — that you can try at home. 

Bleeping Computer replicated the flaw, as seen in the video below, although it didn’t work for us for some reason.

After this story was posted on April 13, Google quietly pushed out an update that fixed the V8 flaw and another flaw related to the Blink browser rendering engine. The updated versions of Chrome and Chromium are both 89.0.4389.128.

Chromium-based browsers are at risk

Brave and Edge both appear to also have released updates based on the latest version of Chromium, Brave’s version number matching Chromium’s and Edge going to 89.0.774.76. As of this writing, Opera (75.0.3969.171) and Vivaldi (3.7.2218.52) were both using versions based on previous versions of Chromium.

Get your browsers updated ASAP because Chromium-based browsers are at risk and you do not want to be caught ‘pants down’.

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