Hand holding an iPhone with amazing phones like this Auto-reply DND feature can be available

Auto-reply DND feature on the iPhone

Auto-reply DND feature, while driving my iPhone automatically goes into DND. So I’ll be showing you how to set this feature up.

While driving I’ll like my iPhone’s feature of automatically going into DND. So I’ll be showing you how to set up this feature on your iPhone.

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Red iPhone SE is one of the amazing phones with Auto-reply DND feature

So if if you have an iPhone and you’re interested in activating this feature, watch the video below:

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Do you want to customize the text messages sent as an auto-reply for incoming calls to iPhone while you’re driving? This allows you to buy some time while you keep your hands on the steering wheel and focused on the road, letting the caller know you’re currently driving. Customizing the auto-replies for Focus modes / Do Not Disturb mode is easy.

It’s worth pointing out that the contacts you selected for auto-replies will be able to override your Do Not Disturb mode by sending “urgent” as a keyword in their next text message.

Therefore, it’s best to keep auto-replies enabled only for Favorites. Apart from this, you can set an emergency bypass for certain contacts on your iPhone if you don’t want their calls or messages to be silenced by Do Not Disturb.

If you normally use Do Not Disturb at a specific time on a daily basis, you may be interested in learning how to schedule Do Not Disturb on your iPhone. This can be done from the Control Center as well.

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