Apple Watch Series 8 in Nigeria – Do you need one?

So you want to get the Apple Watch Series 8 in Nigeria. Do you want to know if you will need it and get the best out of its features? Keep reading. You would know at the end of this post.

What is so good about the Apple Watch lineups? Apple is trying to expand its niche in the wristwatch market.

So if you’re a need of a watch as a really good fitness tracking tool, you can own an Apple Watch. You can keep wearing it when you wash your hands or take a bath. I really don’t know why I would to do that though.

But say, you’re caught in the rain, It’ll be good to see that my watch doesn’t get spoilt.

Dirt can’t enter this watch so people who work with wood can also use this at work.

Apple Watch Series 8 in Nigeria

Reasons to own an Apple Watch Series 8 in Nigeria


Of course, this is the first and foremost thing to consider when you are thinking of getting an Apple Watch. Can I Spend around $400 – $900 for a wristwatch? if your answer is yes, do keep reading. But if it’s no. Just keep reading so you can enlighten someone who probably say yes.

There are general things a smart wristwatch should be able to do. Read some of your vitals like blood oxygen, heart rate. It should be waterproof, dust proof, and be a good fitness tracker.

Same Size, Same Wrist Bands

Apple Watch Series 7 owners, can simply retain their Favourite Wristwatch bands. It’ll fit for the Series 8.

Looks really good

Let’s face it. Apple Wristwatches look good. If you’re into looking even better with your outfits, damn does the Apple Watch make you look cooler.

Shortcut button

If you’ve always wanted to have a custom button that does a particular thing immediately you press it? Then the Apple Watch Series 8 is something you can upgrade to.

Key features

Low Power Mode

Normally a wristwatch I use should last a whole day on one charge. so I wear it by 6 am or 7 am. Should go on my whole day and not take it off because it needs recharging.

So at least I should still have some charge by 9 pm or 11 pm. This is a good reason to own an Apple Watch Series 8 in Nigeria. Why?

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Because you can be sure of 24 hrs to 36 hrs of use when you charge it fully. Now Apple added a feature called ‘low power mode. the wristwatch smartly manages its performance and gives your wristwatch 36 hrs to 60 hrs.

More time to use your wristwatch on a single charge. This is a good reason to own an Apple Watch Series 8.

Ovulation tracker

When I said expanding their niche earlier, this is it. Apple’s way of expanding. Women who want to track their ovulation even better can own an Apple Watch Series 8 in Nigeria. It does that now.

Crash detection, and Vitals tracker

The Apple Watch Series 8 is an accurate tracker of your vitals like body temperature, heart rate, etc. So if something is not right with your body, it’ll tell you. If you are in a state that you need emergency help, your Apple Watch Series 8 can call your saved emergency numbers or emergency services in Nigeria.

“We pray you don’t ever use it….”

Apple, just before they tell us about the crash detection feature during the product launch.

If you are ever in a car crash, take a really bad fall, and cannot take yourself to safety, Apple Watch Series 8 will call your saved emergency numbers or emergency services in Nigeria.

So that’s it. If your needs tick the boxes of features I listed here, then you can go ahead and buy an Apple Watch Series 8 in Nigeria.

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