Another PS4 feature discontinued: Sony again adds focus on PS5

Another PS4 feature discontinued as Sony continues to focus on PS5.

The slow death march of the PS4 is one we saw coming. However the features that will be slowly removed, we do not know.

Well, for next month the community feature on the PS4 will be discontinued.

With more people buying the PS5, it is only a matter of time before we start to loose support for features on the PS4.

Now we can confirm that the communities feature is another PS4 feature discontinued.

This isn’t a huge surprise for those that follow PlayStation closely.

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Sony did discontinue the PlayStation Communities mobile app in March last year. So for me, this is not a surprise.

But so far, the communities feature is not a part of the PS5 interface which would further suggest that the feature wasn’t used by most PS4 players.

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