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Amazing camera phones in Nigeria you can get at a good cost.

Amazing camera phones in Nigeria with a good camera, power, durability, cost and class can be quite hard to find. The one thing I get as a tech enthusiast (on this subject) is the question of “What is an ideal phone to buy right now?”

Getting a phone with good camera, power and low cost is a long shot if you take, you will definately miss.

Amazing camera phones on sale in Nigeria

Well, in Nigeria today, you’ve gotten own at least one of the top phones in the market. Makers like (in no special order) Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Tecno, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony, LG and Google are here.

I have had the opportunity to use at least one of these phones at some point. With that, I have been able to draw up my shortlist.

Whichever call you make, it depends on what you want to get from these phones.I’ll be talking about your need based on camera and cost.

Good phones you can get this 2020

cost, Camera and premium

My take “If you want to get an amazing camera, you have gotta pay for it” So for an amazing camera this 2020:

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  • Google Pixel 4 XL

Amazing camera phone for its class and is the cheapest in this category with amazing colour depth, detail capture (even with 8x zoom) 4K video and more for about 700 USDs

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro

It’s got 4K video, amazing still camera shot and top-notch processing without lags. Not good with colour depth and detail capture though but good battery performance. You are going to have to spend over 800 USDs to get one.

  • Samsung S20 ultra

Killer spec on this is its 100x zoom feature and 5G capabilities. 8K video and 120Hz refresh rate. Some say its 108 MP is mad but if you understand megapixels and all that stuff, you’ll know that’s not a plus and average battery performance. You can get one with about 900 USDs

cost, camera and NOT PREMIUM

This combination is quite difficult though. This is because of the three factors. Power, camera and cost. Throw in ‘latest’ into that party and it’s gonna crash. But I’ve got you. So you’ve got to loose on one front.

  • Samsung A50

Cheapest in this category, its got a good camera for its price of about 270 USDs ultra wide angle lens and more.

  • Google Pixel 3a

You can get this at 290 USDs now and its got an amazing camera and more perks for its price

  • iPhone SE

This last slot had to go to an iPhone for the Apple users out there. Though new, the iPhone SE will give you a good camera for 400 USDs

Amazing camera phones in Nigeria can be found both online and offline. You just have to meet the right people and get the best deal. Let me know of your questions and thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. The best camera phones are usually the best phones overall, and you’ll mostly find flagships in this category – the likes of the latest Galaxies and iPhones typically deliver the highest image quality of the time.

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