2 months free youtube premium

2 months free YouTube Premium with a Samsung Galaxy

Get 2 months free Youtube Premium when you get a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. This comes with terms and conditions though.

YouTube launched this premium service some months back. On May 17, 2018, YouTube announced the upcoming rebranding of the service. This service is now known as YouTube Premium, which officially took effect on June 18.

2 months free Youtube Premium
No Ads while your media is playing.

So when you buy a Samsung Galaxy device, you get to enjoy 2 months free Youtube Premium on your device when you subscribe.

Don’t forget, with Youtube Premium, you can do quite a lot more. With YouTube, you have access to a truck load of media. Now imagine that as a music player. I personally love the idea.

What do you get to enjoy with 2 months free YouTube Premium?

  • YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month and includes ad-free videos during your playbacks,
  • You also have the option to continue playing videos or music “in the background” (meaning the audio will continue if you minimize the app on your mobile device or PC),
  • Then you also have the ability for music and video downloads
  • And not forgetting you have access to YouTube original movies and TV shows.

2 months free Youtube Premium
Enjoy continous play of your media when you minimise the YouTube app

Like I earlier said, if you have not subscribed to YouTube Premium, you can do so. As a new subscriber, you get a 1-month free trial. After that, you will have to pay the subscription fee to continue enjoying the service.

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For Family subscription • 1-month free trial • Then NGN 1,700.00/month, then you can add up to 5 family members (ages 13+) in your household. Learn more

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