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Apple’s MacBok Air versus the Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, the company’s latest laptop beats the updated MacBook Air from Apple.

Some laptops were launched in the year 2018 presenting a changing of the old guard and new. At first the Surface Laptop 2, which is Microsoft remake of its Surface series. Then Apple came with its reimaged MacBook Air.


Resembling it’s predecessor, the MacBook Air has a slightly thinner chassis and very small bezels. This follows the way Apple designs the line. This year it comes in Gold, Space Gray and Silver color schemes.

The Surface Laptop 2 is also unchanged from its predecessor,  making it black is a different approach, instead of the usual Silver, Burgundy, Black and Cobalt Black.


Connectivity is another different feature. The MacBook Air has only 2 USB-C ports and supports Thunderbolt 3.

The Surface Laptop 2 carries a USB-A 3.0 and a display port, a Surface Connect port used in docking and for charging.

The MacBook Air has been designed with the new Intel low-power Y-series dual-core CPUs that are designed with a a focus on saving battery life and reducing heat rather working on sheer speed.

The other, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2 picked the 8th generation (but not the Whiskey Lake models) quad-core U series. This makes the Surface  Laptop 2 faster than the MacBook Air. This makes it more capable of meeting productivity and demanding content creation tasks.


Performance in storage is a win for the MacBook Air though. Both have a PCIe solid state drive (SSDs). Apple always source for the fastest SSDs available in the market. This makes accessing and saving data faster on the MacBook Air. Though the difference will tell when one is dealing with very large files.

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The Surface Laptop 2 is so good looking and  built sweet. It lasts a bit when plugged in to charge and is a bit faster. But you can guess it gets more expensive when you ramp up the configuration. Let’s just say you get what you pay for on this one.

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